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scriptkiitty asked:

youre so gross how are you going to romanticize the reason why many people kill themselves you should hang urself asap ty



I’m laughing so hard omg, listen here little miss asshat I’ve had myself a little scroll through your blog and came to a few conclusions:

1. You’re a hypocritical turdsack
2. You hate on people because it makes you feel better about your shitty personality
3. You have no idea what you’re talking about
4. You have 0 common sense otherwise you would fuck off away from my blog, ignore what you see that apparently gives you the right to tell me to hang myself and grow the fuck up

People with rape fantasies often feel guilty about their feelings.

Especially so if they’ve been raped.

Public sharing of their fantasy reassures them that others feel the same way and wrests back control from their rapist

Please don’t kink shame people when you don’t know what they may have suffered

Followed you just for this. People deal in all kinds of ways. And kink is just as healthy as any. Thank you for stating that.
One kinky bitch =^_^=

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